Paper Marbling or Ebru Art


The art of  Marbling

Painting and sculpture arts were not much popular at the islamic countries so islamic countries did not develop in that arts.But they created new ones.Ebru is one of that arts.

What is mean of Ebru ?

Ebru is a ornamentation art.We can say that ebru is a art of writing on water.Artist used that art design of book's covers and papers in Ottoman and Seljuks ages.That art lived between master-apprentice relations until these days.Ebru word's mean come from Persian languagae.Orgin was Ebri in Persian language and its mean cloudy.

Ebru artists must be so carefull because when do mistake it imposible to fix.Even if artist could be so carefull maybe can not be succesfull.Because it's about tools too.So it s a so special art, many country  own that art.

Materials of Ebru

materials of marbling
  1. Paper ,paper must be special it must have absorbent features.
  2. Gum (Kitre) it is essence of a weed thorn.Artister mix gum and water than get mixture 
  3. Ebru tub, its for to fill ebru special water
  4. Brush, for to give figure
  5. Colors,Oxide red, oxide yellow, oxide black, preferd much
  6. Bile,for to keep together colors

How to Make Ebru

Firtly fill into tub with mixture (gum and water) than clean mixture with filter.Than colors crush until get little particles and add bile.Than that bile and color mixture will wait 15 days.After resting time add water into mixture and colors ready for use.
A marble can done one time so muct be carefull.Fill in colors with brush in to tub than make figures.Than cover up paper on tub.Ottoman people liked tulips much so they used tulip figures much.There are a tulip age in Ottoman Empire history.
Especially Ebru artister used flowers figures and Arabian language.

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