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Today we will share Eric's Turkey travel story and  thanks for that nice article.We decided to share past visitors ideas and trip articles here and if you want to write and say ideas we can share here.Eric is a real traveller when I read his blog I saw really good things.Can read Eric's travel blog if you want it  click here

Eric's Turkey Travel Story

East meets West, this is what I think of when I think of Istanbul, and Turkey. It’s been a little over four years since I was in Turkey, but the memories are still quite fresh. At first, my sole reason for traveling to Turkey was an awesome promotion on flights to the Mediterranean country. Soon after buying these tickets, I quickly began to realize what an interesting country Turkey really was. Little did I know about the great experience that was about to occur. 
While in Turkey there was a lot of cool things I experienced and saw. I think some of the biggest things I took home from this journey was the great food, rich historical sights, and the hospitality shown by the Turkish people. Every sort of traveler that goes to Istanbul and Turkey will find something they like.
The number of historical places in Istanbul alone is quite astonishing. I felt like there was enough places to see and tour to last for weeks! Some of the ancient buildings in Istanbul have been around for a very, very long time. 
One thing about Turkey that surprised me was Cappadocia. It was a region I had little knowledge of until I got down there. I was recommended to check Cappadocia out by many people I spoke with in Istanbul. I am glad I took the opportunity to go visit this odd geological location. A trip down to Cappadocia would not be regretted, I guarantee that!
When people are asking for suggestions for countries to travel to, Turkey is always one of my top suggestions! I had such a great experience in this country. Due to the friendliness and hospitality of the Turkish people, and the many things to do, I will be back in Turkey again, no hesitation. 
This is just a short summary of a larger and more detailed article about my trip to Turkey in 2012. I encourage anyone who has any interest in this country to visit the link that is provided below. 


You can read all of article on Eric's blog 

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