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A Tourism Center Belek

Today will try to introduce Belek.It is a very important feature that
belek, antalya, turkey
distinguishes Belek from other parts of the Mediterranean Region, which is to regulate this region by trying to provide the least intervention in the natural life balance.So Belek  looks much cleaner and untouched than other places  It is indeed so, and it adds a distinct beauty to it. Despite being a small town connected to the Serik province, the population is increasing due to the intense interest, especially in the summer months.Investments in Belek sports facilities ensure that football clubs from home and abroad come here to camp in winter. Belek is also host to many congresses with congress hotels.

Belek, which is 40 kilometers away from Antalya, is recently mention to as a different holiday region from antalya.Belek is very popular of local and foreign toursits with beaches, golf courses, tennis courts, football fields, luxury hotels, antique cities and not far away Kurşunlu waterfall.

We also made a list of places to see for those who are considering exploring Belek, a fascinating place with its sheltered natural life, historical beauties, pine and eucalyptus trees.

Garden of Religions

Garden of Religions Turkey
Three great religions, together and fraternal.Garden of Religions, one of Belek's symbolic centers, embraces all of the three different religions.
The mosque, the church and the synagogue all open to the same garden and everyone can freely worship together in the same place.Add the Garden of Religions top of your list of places to be seen in Belek.

Aspendos Ancient Theater

The most important historical structure of the region is the Aspendos Theater.Aspendos With a spectator capacity of 15,000 people, a huge theater.
Despite 2000 years of history, it has been well preserved.The most enjoyable feature is still being used.In summer season there are activities in there.

Kurşunlu Waterfall

Kurşunlu Waterfall turkey
At the beginning of Belek's stunning natural beauties is Kurşunlu Waterfall.An exciting point of discovery with its secret cave that can be reached under its immaculate waters.The place where the waterfall is located is still home to more than a hundred bird species.If you want to witness one of the fascinating world of nature, be sure to be in the peaceful atmosphere of Kurşunlu Waterfall.

Ancient City of Perge

When you are in the district of Perge, follow the long road covered with mosaics, you will find the ancient city of Perge.The ancient city of the Hellenistic Period, a point of excursion that you should definitely not miss when you come to Belek.In Perge you can visit the ancient baths, the acropolis and the agora used as a city square.

Sport Activities.

Another area where Belek is famous is, of course, golf courses.You can also catch period tournaments in Belek, which hosts Turkey's biggest golf courses.If you are interested in this sport, you will be more than satisfied with the exclusive golf courses built in the perfect view of Belek.

How can go Belek

Belek is just 40 kilometers far away from Antalya so its good choice to come to Antalya by plane.Than can go Belek by bus.There are transfer services to Belek from Antalya Airport

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Could anyone tell me if they have contact information for the garden of religions as I Am trying to arrange a priest to perform a wedding blessing in Side. Thanks