Turkish Coffee


          Turkish Coffee

Hi everbody ,, some  nations like different drinks Russians like vodka, Mexicans like  tequila  and  Turkish people like to turkish cofee much and have different coffee culture  and  turkish  coffee is indispensable drink at happy moments.       
( when feel sad ıt could be good too ) when visit neighboors , meet friends and at the ritual of allow to bridge’s family ( ı will write about ceremony of wedding)

at this ritual bride take salt in turkish coffee if groom drink that coffee he want to marry  much. Turkish people have a  interesting expression for turkish coffee they say that  a couple of turkish coffee have 40 years sake its  mean a little complex  but it show that coffee is in life and culture.

     How to Make Turkish Coffee

  • Add  water in to coffee pot ( turkish mean cezve) water can change population.
  • Add sugar and coffee desires.
  • Start to heat when it start to boil immediately take far pot from heat.
  • Take foam on coffee in cup.
  • Than start to heat and mix .
  • when it start to boil , its ready to drink.

    Presentation Of Turkish Coffee

  • Turkish Coffe have special cup and tray.
  • A cup of water, turkish delight or chocolate muct be on tray.
  • Turkish coffe must drink slowly and coffee foots must not drink.
  • Bon Appetit
Some people believe coffee fortune but I dont know it could happen or not.

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