Turkish Tea or Çay


Tea is a culture in Turkey

Before I wrote about turkish   traditional drink ayran and Turkish cofee but tea has a different status in Turkey.
Tea is the most consumed drink in Turkey.There are many tea 
addicted and they drink tea as a water.Turkis people drink it with foods or after meals but I prefer to drink while eating and after dinner which best time for to drink tea.

History of Turkish Tea in Turkey

tea gardens from Turkey
Tea, we call it çay in Turkish language.Turkish people started to drink tea end of the 19th century.In istanbul some merchants  imported tea and 
adventure started.Tea was grown for the first time in Sultan Abdülhamit II ages.According to the documents seeds came from Japan.Than farmers continued to grown tea first years of Turkish Republic.First tea factory created at Rize in 1947.Now Black Sea region is first in tea sector.Rize tea is very popular in Turkey and it s realy has good quality.

Why tea is a culture in Turkey

A folk saying in Turkey goes, ‘A conversation without tea is like a night sky without a moon.’ Tea is completing conversation and friendship.There are teahouses every locations.That areas not only for to drink tea or cofee.That areas for to spend time with friends and communicate.

Tukish people use different glass for drink tea and turkish people calling its name '' ince belli'' its mean slim waisted because glass have that figure.Especially in teahouses there are that figure of glass.There are another jargon in teahouese too.For example can call in ''tavşan kanı'' instead of tea.It show that tea's  quality.
Turkish teapot
These days can see different tools for to make tea but we use that tea kettle for it.
Technologhy changed everything but tea has good and different quality with that traditional tea kettle.So it not wrong to say Turkish tea has a diferent culture.

Turkey is the 4th. drink tea in the world and some regions have different tea drinking style in Turkey.For example in east Anatolia people do not throw sugar into glass.They take sugar into their mouth.Than drink tea with that sugar.They do not chewing that sugar.
Some people drink tea with lemon or Black pepper, cloves.
When I was ill (Flu, cold) its good to drink tea with lemon.

How to make good tea

  • Firstly must have a tea kettle but Turkish style teapot.
  • Fill into water kettle but not much because its for to add tea.
  • After 20 minutes water will boill and take that water upper kettle and add tea 3 spoons (İt can change person).İf add water on tea,tea will burn so it would not give quality.
  • Than add water under kettle for hot water.Until it boill water will soak tea.
Than tea is ready.Every people drink it different style but I prefer it 1/3 tea and 2/3 hot water and I never use milk into tea.

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