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uzungol village

Uzungöl is a tourist town situated to the Çaykara district of Trabzon.Uzungol far from 99 kilometers to Trabzon and 19 kilometers to Çaykara.Can see there on photo, how a amazing nature.Can see green color every season due to climate but in winter season can see white and green because snow.The stones which falling from the mountains, closed the front of Haldizen river way so Uzungol lake occured.Uzungöl is also the name of the village on the lake's coast.(Uzungol is long lake in english).

What will see Uzungol

I will explain why I said ecotourism on title.There are more than 60 endemic plant species.There are so good  environment for wild animals life.A total of 59 mammals and 250 bird species have been identified in Uzungol Special Environmental Protection Area.There are grizzly bear,roe,jackal,wolf,fox, wild boar,lynx, badger,marten,
otter, mountain goat, wild goat so Uzungol has a natural site status so protecting with law.

Activities at Uzungol

If want to far away from stress and crowded cities, Uzungol is right address.Nature will hug you and take all stress.Feel oxygen in all of your body.So why Arabian tourists visit there much they are escaping from hot places and want to see  thousands tons of green.
There are :
  • Trekking Route
  • Photo Safari Routes
  • Jeep Safari Routes
  • Botanical Observation Route
  • Highland Safari Routes
  • Freshwater Fishing Routes
  • Hunting Routes.

where stay in Uzungol

There are not big hotels in there just local hustels but there are 
quality service and will see Turkish people's hospitality in there.
If dont want to stay in there there are big hotels in Trabzon.

how can go Uzungol

Trabzon airport is nearest  to Uzungol so I offer flight.Than can come there by bus.But if want to see nature can prefer to bus there are bus from Istanbul to Trabzon but it take much time .

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Beautiful scenery, Turkey is a beautiful country indeed!

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Looks absolutely beautiful! I love to be around trees and water !

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Looks pretty Awesome place.Love your blog!