Mythe of Hagia Sophia


Mythe of Hagia Sophia

The Hagia Sophia is symbol of Istanbul.Every day many people visit that magnificient masterpiece.When I see some historical buildings thinking that how they built that amazing things with old technology.When see Hagia Sophia,Blue Mosque ,Selimiye Mosque can understand me.That masterpieces are beyond of their's ages.

Today I will write something mythe about Hagia Sophia but firstly I will give a few informations about that amazing building.

First temple builty by Constantinus who emperor of the Rome Empire in 360 but it burned while Nika revolt in 532.(It was all wooden).Than emperor Justinianus rebuilt in 537.That is the current building.

Hagia Sophia was oldest cathedral in the worlds and it was biggest until built Sevilla cathedral.At the present time Hagi Sophia is 4th biggest cathedral.Hagia Sophia is  first cathedral which fnished short time.

Empero Justinianus's Dream

According to mythe,Emperor Justinianus saw a dream a night.In his dream,a saint gave him a silver sheet and there is on Hagia Sophia's image on sheet.Maybe it was a normal to here but same night 
architect saw same dream.

Giant Workers at Hagia Sophia

Hagi Sophia completed in 5 years it so short time for that big building so people can't believe it.According to mythe  Prophet Suleiman allowed to giants,fairies and jinnees for to work at Hagia Sophia.They carried that big column from far mountains.A giant wanted to leave trace in there so punched a column.There is a gib punch trace a column,viitors can see it still.

Virgin Mary's Tears and Wishing Column

Hagia SophiaAccording to myth,a day  while emperor Justinianus was controling to consturction he had a terrible headache.During that time he leaned to a column and suddenly his pain finished.Than he look at carefully and he saw a a hole on column and a little water.
Than Emperor thought that that water is a gift from Virgin Mary for him.Than people heard that events and visited Hagia Sophia for to get well.They washed their injured area with that water.

An Angel Save Hagia Sophia

According myth,during construction of Hagia Sophia architect's
Hagia Sophia
son protect tools at break times.An angel said him at break time  '' call workers I will wait and protect tools here until you come back''
When his father learn that situation he did not allow your son for come back so angel would be at Hagia Sophia forever.Angel left Hagia Sophia 5 days ago before Sultan Mehmet II conquered Istanbul.

A Gate who Built With Noah's Ship Woods

According to myth,Noah's ship was on Cudi mountain since flood and middle gate built with that woods.Merchants did not go travel before visit that gate.According to Evliya Çelebi (Turkish traveller) 
there are tracks from Noah's ship on gate.

According to Evliya Çelebi there are 361 gate at Hagia Sophia and that 100 gates are has magic and people can not see some gates.

Mystery of Dome at Hagia Sophia

Once upon a time Hagia Sophia's dome was biggest in the world now it is 4th biggest.While built dome saints said if want to strong dome, put prophet's bones inside dome than it will not fall.So Emperor bring old prophets bone from Arabian countries.

According to another myth when  muslims prophet was born,Hagi Sophia's dome fall.Than they repaired a few times but it could not be strong as much as old.Khidr said that take prophet's saliva and mix with zemzem(holy water in Arabian country) than use it at dome.Three hundred monks who reside in Bursa came to Makkah on the initiative of Priest Bahira.They put and restored dome.According to another mythe when they put saliva prophet said that ''Dome stand up with salvia and destine it my people''

That magnificient building deserve that myths and I hope that might like it.

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