The Obelisk of Theodosius


The Obelisk of Theodosius

The Obelisk of TheodosiusIstanbul is a culture and history city.There are many historical masterpiece and Istanbul look better with them.Especially at historical peninsula Byzantium,Rome and Ottoman has many vestige and they are watching each other in there.Today I will write about obelisk of Theodosius.In Turkey people calling it Dikilitaş.

History of Theodosius Obelisk

That obelisk's origin is Egypt.King Thutmosis III ordered to erected a obelisk after Asia vistory between in B.C 1502-1448.

Rome was using Egypt obelisk for to decorate their cities.
Constantinus I carried various monuments here to decorate the Hippodrome in Constantinople for  rebuilt city.His son Constantinus II wanted to carry obelisk of Theodosius vur he could not be succesfull and left obelisk at Alexandria.By the order of the Emperor Julianus (361-363), the Alexandarians built a special ship for the obelisk.It is not known when and by whom the stone was brought to Istanbul and how it was moved from Alexandria.The obelisk brought to decorate the hippodrome has been lying on the ground for a while.In the time of I Theodossius in 390, on the wall which called "Spina" in the middle of the hippodrome, it was placed at the present place.Byzantiums has built a railway for to carry obelisk from Marmara coast to Sultan Ahmet square.It must be hard in that age technology because obelisk has a 19.5 meters height but obelisk not 19.5 meters now,6 there is not 6 meters area now and  cause is unknown.Maybe broke while crying or an earthquake .

Features about Obelisk of  Theodosius

Features about Obelisk of  Theodosius
There are relief and fancywork on obelisk.On the obelisk reliefs explained
Theodosius's wars and experience in the Hippodrome.On the another fronts describe how is strong god of Egypt Amun-Ra and emperor Theodosius.

Turkish traveller and author Eyliya Çelebi claim that Obelisk of  Theodosius save city from bad things and disasters.

When you come to Istanbul can see that obelisk at historical peninsula,Sultan Ahmet square area.

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