Does ISIS Muslims


Does ISIS Muslims

There was a terrorist attack on christmas night in İstanbul.According to reuters agent ISIS accepted that attack.So decided to write about that situation but we must look at their history of behaviours.
  • They organized a bombed attack on Mecca and Medina.(That cities holy for muslims)
  • They declared that they will destroy Kaaba.(Muslims accept that Kaaba is house of God so its holy and muslims visit there for hadj)
  • They think that they are just muslims and anothers not.
  • They organized bombed attack on Ankara ,İstanbul and Diyarbakır and killed innocent muslims and people.Turkey is protector of Muslims so they are attacking Turkey.
  • They promised that they will not attack to Israel and declared that will destroy Hamas (Hamas is a organization which trying for freedom Palestine. All of muslism do not like Israel governments behaviours)
  • They are just killed muslims and hurts Islam lands and governments and trying to creat sect wars.
  • Famous CIA agent Snowden said to  ISIS have been jointly established by the United States of America and Israel.
  • Some American statesman said that ISIS is project of USA
Now who can believe that they are muslims or working for muslims.

Why they need ISIS project.

When we search history , can see that they need a reason for war and need reason for to bring democracy and peace.When USA declared  war to Iraq they said that there are nuclear weapons in there and they said that we bring democracy.Finally we see that  still people dying in Iraq everyday and they are missing Saddam's ages.
Another example El Kaide terror organization I can not believe that they will destroy twice towards it was just a plan for to start war.

Now someone using ISIS for to protect Israel and trying to show that all of muslims terrorists.İf you want to get rid of mosquitos creat a swamp far from your home.

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