Didyma (Didim)

Anonymous 12/03/2016

 Didim (Didyma)

Didim one of the beautiful tourism place in Aegan region.Can find everything.If you want history,beach,sun and amazing clear sea you are right place for vocation.Didim in the distance 70 km from Kuşadası and 110 km from Bodrum.A popular tourist center with blue-flagged beaches.There are dozens of coves on the 53-kilometer coastline, all of which are sandy beaches.Especially Altınkum beach very famous place.I will try to  tell something  about popular tourism places about Didim.

 Altınkum Beach

Firstly I want to start beach
because a lot of people going vocation for beach and sun and Didim right place for it.Altinkum is the most important tourist beach of Didim..

Altinkum, which is among the
most beautiful sea and sand beaches of the Aegean, is dazzling with its golden yellow beaches and turquoise blue sea.Along the coast, in the coastal area just in front of the Hotels area.You can see that beach are very crowded so you must reservation near hotels if you find to have good area on beach.At the same time there are all sea sport activity in there.

Apollon Temple

 Once upon a time people
believed that Zeus's son Apollo god of sun,light and music so they consulted to monks before to do something.so we can understand that why it is so 

big and splendid.

according to Heredot, people
,soldiers,king and girls were asking future and giving gifts for gods here so there were many valuable things inside temple.The temple look still strong even if constructed thousands years ago.İf visit Didim do not come without see there.

Milet ancient city and  theater

How ı can describe that area you
must see there yeah just ı can say it its amazing that buildings come from thousands years ago and how they constructed that amazing big things.If wat to feel historu you must see there when come to Didim

How can go Didim

Bodrum airport is nearest airport Didim so ı advice that first do there and come to Didim by bus from Bodrum airport.Didim is far from 11 hours to istanbul by bus so ıts bad way to come Didim.

Do list for Didim

  • Spend time Altınkum beach and enjoy with clear sea
  • Sea sport especially scuba diving
  • Apollon temple do not forget to see there
  • Milet ancient city and milet museum if you like history you must see there.
  • Didim night live if you like pubs you will enjoy .

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