What we know wrong about Turkey and Turkish people


What we know wrong about Turkey and Turkish people

1-Do you speaking Arabian 

I heard that things especially while I am using interpals some people asked and they think that Turkish people Arabian too once upon a time Ottoman empire controlled Arabian countries and we used arabian alphabeth but after Ataturk we use Latin alphabeth but without ''W,Q,'' and we speak Turkish.

2-Do Turkish people play belly dance

It come from Arabian culture too yeah its very popular in Turkey too these days woman's doing for to lose weight as a sport but I think that idea come from eurovision our singers use belly dance in there .

3-I think that you like to eat turkey

hahaha its a good joke once upon a time english people find a bird in Turkey and they took it and they said that its name turkey bird than when they went to America they saw similiar bird and they said that turkey .

4-Is your capital city Istanbul, isn't it ?

Yeah I accept Istanbul is very popular city and many people know there but Istanbul was capital city of Ottoman Empire our capital city is Ankara.

5-Why Turkish man have moustache mostly

Yeah it can be right but ıt come from out history Ottoman Empire army did not accept a boy without moustache becaue they thought that if he did not moustache he is not a man yet and its about religion too but not all Turkish man have moustache because our civil servants have to shave ..

6-Do you live in desert and ride camels

I think that that idea come from hollywood movies and I think that they never see Turkey and in their fantasy live Turkey a big desert and we just have camels, sometimes hollywood is a really important weapon for to perception operation.

7-You are blonde do not look like a Turkish

Yeah ı m blonde and have colourfull eyes but I am Turkish yeah we are less but it can change regions while we are living middle asia our eyes similiar asian too so appereance can change for regions.

to be continued...

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