What We Know Wrong About Turkey 2


What We Know Wrong About Turkey 2

1-Turkish man can have 4 wifes

Turkish civil code do not allow this situation so a man can have a only a wife at law but some man can have a few wife but its unlawful.They made islamic marriage.

2-How Old Turkish Girls can marry

I heard a few times some friends asked that Turkish girls marry very early maybe below 18 and child brides.Maybe it can be right 15 20 years ago about child brides they married 14 ,15 years old but these days I dont hear about it because family ministry really good at that subject and they do not allow this situation.A girl can marry 16 years old if judge and family allow it.

3-Rape rate is high in Turkey

Rape is really disgusting thing our laws and religion do not allow it.Our female persons can live that situations sometimes but that persons take very big punishments.USA, England ,Swedish,France , Canada,Germany rape rates are more below from Turkey and rape was not a crime until 1980 in France.According to researches 75.000 woman be raped every years.

4-Is Turkey in Middle East ?

Anyway ıt s not wrong but incomplete because Turkey is between Asia and Europa and we do not use passport while going Europa part :)

5-Turkish Girls Use Headscarf

Yeah its about religion some girls use some girls do not use. Turkey is free country about that situation and everybody can wear what they want but some place have special rules about dress for example it not good to come in mosque with sexy dress.

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