Taksim square and Istiklal Street


Taksim square and Istiklal Street

Taksim is a famous place in Byoglu at İstanbul.Its very crowded everytime foreign and domestic tourists visit that area becuase there are famous shops, cheap shops, nostalgia tram, cafes, restaurants,pubs,culture and arts houses and centers,churches and Embassy buildings.Entertainment sector works until morning taksim and istiklal do not sleep , always can see people outside especially at weekends 24 hours people enjoying in that place.

The Republic Monument (Cumhuriyet Monument )

It s symbol of taksim square, it created by Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica than in 1928 located in that taksim square.That show that new Turkish republic and Ataturk after than that area become a square.

I will give more information about Taksim and Beyoglu , there are many famous area in that area 

Tunel Square

Tarik Zafer Tuna Culture Center

German School

Crimea Church
Sweden's Palace
Botter Apartment
Lebon Patisserie
Consulate General of the Russian Federation
European Passage
Marquise Patisserie
Timon the Street
Church of Santa Maria Draperis
Terre-Sainte Church
Italy Embassy building
Netherlands Embassy building
Vucino Apartment
Beyoglu Anadolu High School
Syria Passage
Terkos Impasse
Holy Yerrortutyun Armenian Catholic Church
Kallavi Impasse
Greek Orthodox Church of Panayia
Church of Saint Antoine
Alhambra Theatre
Aznavur Passage
Hacopulo Passage
United Kingdom Embassy building
Galatasaray High School
Algeria Street
Galatasaray Museum
Flower Passage
Pancakes Passage
Tokatlıyan Hotels
Aleppo Passage
Egypt Apartment
Yeşilçam Street
Pearl Patisserie
Emek Movie Theater
Anatolia Passage
Hussein Agha Mosque
Alcazar Theatre
Abdullah Efendi Restaurant
Ayia Trias Church
The Armenian Catholic Church of the Holy Voskeper
Consulate General of France
Taksim my Maksem
Republic Monument

so ı will write about something about that famous places.

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