Ortaköy Mosque


Ortakoy Mosque

Ortaköy Mosque is pearl of the Bosphorus.People called Ortaköy Mosque but it have different names too, Grand Imperial Mosque and Sultan Abdülmecit are another names. Ortaköy Mosque is situated at waterside of the Ortaköy pier square at Europian continent and very popular location.

Ortaköy Mosque was built baroque style and its designer was Nikoğos Balyan and built for Sultan Abdülmecit. Previously there was a little mosque at that area and it was built bye Mahmut Agha (the son-in law of Vizier İbrahim Pasha ) in 1721.but ıt was destroyed during Patrona Halil riot in 1730.The current mosque restored many times, fires,earthquake and sea affected.

When visit Ortaköy Mosque can take amazing photos and watch amazing Bosphorus view, can drink
something at waterfront cafes.Especially at weekend Ortaköy square very popular and crowded.Ortaköy Kumpir is very famous so must taste it. Kumpir as like a patotoes sandwich without bread.There are peas,cheese , corn,ketchup, mayonnaise, baked patotoes, olive,sausage,Russian salad in kumpir but ingredients can change seasons.

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