My Turkey Trip Route

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My Turkey Travel Plan

After long times come back to write for our facebook page and blog followers.I had some personal problems and moved Bursa city.İts really hard to move with a lot of  furniture.I did not write any article in that time but I try to help for your questions.
Many people asking asking somethings about Turkey.Visa,job,places,cultures,tours.Some people think that we are a tourist guide or tourism company.Actually I'm mechanical engineer and blog is my hobby.I'm just trying to help people and improving my english while describing how Turkey is beautifull.

A friend asked that I will come to Turkey for 10 days and how I will spend time in Turkey and How ı can spend time usefull.So I will write my Turkey travel plan.I will try to write if I could be tourist where I visit and what I can do.

First Route İstanbul

İstanbul is most famous city in Turkey and it deserve it with its beauty,history,culture and location.Actually I will write an article about İstanbul tour route with more details later.Today I will write main title without much details.
istanbul peninsula map

İstanbul has many places for to see  but lucky that there are not much far each other.
  • First Day ;Eminönü square,Blue Mosque,the Hagia Sophia and Grand Bazaar.
  • Second Day ;Basillica Cistern and Topkapı Palace and Süleymaniye Mosque.
  • Third Day;Dolmabahçe Mosque and Maiden Towers
  • Fourth Day ;Taksim Square,İstiklal street ,Beyoglu and Galata Tower.
  • Fiveth Day Golden Horn,Pierre Loti Hill

I will write details about İstanbul route destinations and What we must in that places what s famous...


After visited Istanbul nest station is Cappadoai for art of nature.I said art of nature because  we will see a master which build fairy chimneys.But if you think that just for only fairy chimneys will go Cappadocia ? Of course not, will see many things too,underground cities,valleys,churchs, underground cities,rock homes.

Which Place will see Cappadocia Region

Göreme,Uçhisar, Avanos and Ürgüp main stations at our route and we will make same activity too.
  • Hot air baloon tour
  • Turkish Bath
  • Horse riding tours
  • Trekking valleys
We wrote an article about Cappadocia so can read it for more information. We can stay Cappadocia region 2,3 days.Than next station is Pamukkale Travertines and Hierapolis ancient city.

Pamukkale Travertines

After visit Cappadocia we will go to Denizli by bus for to go Pamukkale Travertines and Hierapolis Ancient city.I know that area because I lived Denizli about 5 years for university and visit many times Pamukkale travertines.Pamukkale statiion take 1 or 1,5 days
After come to Denizli we will go pamukkale .It take  about 30 min.When come to Pamukkale will see another art of nature.And fall in love that amazing view.Every year tohusends toursits visit pamukakle travertines.Can spend time in little pools and sunbathe.Than Hierapolis ancient city is near pamukkale travertines and maybe remember Hierapolis ancient city from Ghost Rider 2.

Pamukkale Activities

Sunbathe and swimming in  little travertines pools
Swimming Antique Pool
Hierapolis Ancient City
Hierapolis Ancient Theater
Buy presents and eat traditional meals in pamukkale city center.

Can read that our article about Pamukkale Travertines


Next station is Antalya at our route.Antalya not much far to Denizli about 3 hours by bus.We just visit culturel places so we deserve to rest and enjoy in sea.There are man blue flag beaches in Antalya region.
There are many activities to do in Antalya but ı just give 3 days for Antalya because our time finishing.

Which place will see at Antalya Region

  • Alanya city center
  • Side
  • Belek
  • Alanya
  • Kas
  • Myra
  • Manavgat
Antalya have many beautifull places for rest and see but 3 days not enough if you want to see all of places at Antalya.
Can read our articles for to learn more information about Antalya (Antalya Article )

Ephesus and İzmir

Ephesus Ancient city I added it list because we must see that place.There are many culturel ruins in Ephesus and holy places for christians

The Celcus Library
Ephesus Ancient Theater
The Curch of Mary
Temple of Artemis
do not go anywhere to see places in Ephesus.Than time to say by and go İzmir for to go İstanbul with plane for to come back to home.

I just try to give any idea fo to help ı can answer if you ask any message and don^t forget to drop any messages. Thank alot.

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Hi Dear Visitors.I'm Recep admin of this blog.Actually I'm Mechanical engineer but started to write that blog in 2015 for help foreigns,improve my English and try to show How Turkey is a wonderfull country with places,cities,culture,tradition,meals,life and people.Thanks for to read it and do not forget to drop comments.

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