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Turkish Cuisine

Turkish cuisine really has many deals,foods,drinks.It's a culture treasure.Turkish people saving and improving that culture treasure thousends years.Turkey has rich cuisine because there are many cities,regions and climates in Turkey.So today I will try to write about most delicious Turkish foods today and I think that ıt will be 2 episode.Because we have many delicious meals.

1-Turkish Kebab

Turkish kebab is really famous in the world.Foreign people know Turkish raki and kebab and when they saying it their pronounce is so sweet.Turkish Kebab have some different kind but especially Urfa and Adana more popular and delicious.Urfa and Adana is a city at 
southeast Anatolia.Urfa and Adana chiefs have different style so people call them different names.Urfa Kebab has less chili pepper and Adana Kebab has more chili pepper.So I prefer Urfa Kebab.
Chiefs always use sheep meat for Kebab and vegatables give flavor especially onion and tomato.When come to Turkey do not come back without taste and you can find Kebab at Turkish Restaurants which stay abroad.


Turkish menemen is one of the popular meal in breakfast foods.
Everybody can do it.Its easy and
delicious.Especially when I was
university ,menemen was our first choose for breakfasts.

What we need for cook menemen

Tomato is main thing for menemen and onion.But if do not like onion can not add.than eggs, fresh green pepper,cheddar cheese,sunflower oil,black pepper and salt.If you have them can make a delicious menemen.When come to Turkey can find it every restaurants which give breakfast.

3-Yaprak Sarma (wrap grape leaves)

Yaprak sarma is really delicious especially if made with olive oil.
Its really hard to make it.
Because it nessesary skill, effort,
experience and patience.I said 
skill becaue it must be thin,effort nessary because ıt take long time wrap, experience nessesary for interior rice and another things, patience nessasary because sometime can feel boring while wrap and can give up easily.Can read my article how made Sarma

4-Baklava (Turkish dessert)

Turkish dessert baklava
How I can describe that taste 
just can live.Just can feel it
when you hear its voice when bite a slice of baklava.Especially
people eat it special days.Every
Ramadhan eid and sacrifice eid
our mothers made handmade 
baklava.(Another times can do it
too but I think that it's as a ritual for eids).Another times can find it patisserie too.But it must be fresh.Some patisseries made everyday and sell daily.Especially Gaziantep region famous with baklava.Because Gaziantep's climate good for  pistachio nut grown at there.They can made it with walnuts too.
If you whant to learn how is made read it

5-Köfte (Meatball)

I know when see food will think that they always eat meat.
Dont worry.I will write another
foods at next article.Köfte is popular foods too.Can find it everywhere even if street foods seller doing it delicious too.But 
must be carefully about hygiene.
There are different kinds and it can change for regions.Especially its more delicious with bread and Turkish ayran.
I hope you like and do not forget to share and drop messages.
It will continue, episode 2 and 3 will coming soon...

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Hi Dear Visitors.I'm Recep admin of this blog.Actually I'm Mechanical engineer but started to write that blog in 2015 for help foreigns,improve my English and try to show How Turkey is a wonderfull country with places,cities,culture,tradition,meals,life and people.Thanks for to read it and do not forget to drop comments.

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Baklava - I love this dessert!!! It’s hard to find a good one here in Suriname, but when I find it I enjoy it as if I will not get it for the next 5 years!