Top Five Famous Mosques in Istanbul


İstanbul is Capital City of Civilizations

Istanbul is a good bridge between Asia and Europa.That features made it important city in the past and now. Napoleon Bonaparte Sid that"If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital." 
I totaly agree with him.There are  traces of every civilization that lived in this city it also carries traces of its own culture.There are so many historical monuments to visit in this city .Istanbul, which holds museums, palaces and churches together with different buildings.Mosques, just like other historical artifacts, are worth seeing by their architectural positions and their stories.We made a list of famous mosques in Istanbul.

Sultan Ahmet Mosque or Blue Msoque

Sultan Ahmet Mosque is most popular mosque in Istanbul, located
blue mosque
in historical peninsula.Every toursit visit Sultan Ahmet square and mosque when come to Istanbul.Mosque  constructed  bye Sultan Ahmet I between in
 1609-1620.It's architecture Sedefkar Mehmet Agha.There are school,hospital,hamam(bath),shops, kitchen for poors, oven, cellar in mosque area.Mosques inside decorated with Iznik tiles and they are blue so goreign people said that blue mosque.

Suleymaniye Mosque

Suleiman Mosque
Mosque built on the order of Sultan Suleiman Magnificient.
Architect Mimar Sinan began 
in 1550 and the mosque was finished in 1557.This work,  has been made perfect in terms of sound transmission by using different structures in his acoustics.It is the second largest mosque in the city. The mosque is located on the dominant hill of Historical Peninsula. It's height about 53 meters,dome diamater is 26 meters and there are 4 minarets and their heights are 72 meters.Mosque designed a complex(Külliye) so there are public kitchens,public bath,hospital and school (medrese)

Fatih Mosque

Fatih camii
Mosque built on the order of Conqueror Sultan Mehmet.
Construction work began in 1463 and finisfed in 1470.
Mosque gave the name that place.That area called Fatih.
Tme mosque constructed on 
Twelve Apostles church area.
Fatih wanted to show that a new belief dominates on that lands.

Ortakoy Mosque

Ortaköy camii
Ortakoy mosque is pearl of the
Bosphorus.People called Ortakoy Mosque but it has different names too.Mosqu is situated waterside of the Ortaköy pier square at European continent and very popular location.Can read it for more information

Eyup Sultan Mosque

Eyup Sultan Mosque one of the famous mosque in Istanbul.
Every day many domestic ad foreign tourist visit there.Eyup Sultan is important for muslim people.Eyup Sultan.Muslim prophet stayed his home when muslims moved to Medine.Eyup Sultan joined many wars for to share moslem.When muslims sieged to Istanbul Eyup Sultam was in muslim army.He was so old and he wanted that when he died, his tomb could be at the border of islam army.Buried him near city walls.After many years when Conqueror
Sultan Mehmet sieged Istanbul his teacher Akşemseddin found his tomb.Than Sultan ordered to built a mosque and tomb in 1458.
Mosique is situated at near Golden Horn.There are a cemetery near mosque.The present state of the mosque is came from Sultan Sultan III.

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All the mosques are magnificent! I have seen the Blue Mosque so I hope to see the other four that you described here. Thanks for sharing the article.