Turkish Money


Turkish Money-Turkish Lira

Anyway money is not problem for toursits in Turkey but I just try to give some usefull information.Turkish touristical places use dolar and euro so its easy to shopping in that places but its good to keep handy Turkish lira.It is good to be prepared always.For example you are in istanbul but taxi dont accept dolar or euro what will you do and maybe taxi will take much money with dolar so your trip will be more expensive.

Now dolar and euro more valuable than Turkish Lira so next season foreign toursit will be cheaper vocation in Turkey so while you are searcing travel agency must be carefull they can say everything become expensive so we have to raise prices so its a so big lie.I will advice that buy little things with Turkish Lira.

Turkish Banknotes

Turkish 200 Lira Banknote
200 Lira
 There is Musta Kemal Atatürk's image all of Turkish Lira's front.He is importan for us and there is another Turkish hero back.Turkish 200 Lira banknote has Yunus Emre's image he is most important humanist and poet.

Türkish 100 Lira
Türkish 100 Lira
Turkish 50 Lira
Turkish 50 Lira

Turkish 10 Lira
Turkish 10 Lirası 
Turkish 20 Lira
Turkish 20 Lira
 They are Turkish banknotes and can exchange your moneys in exhange centers especially there are many in touristical places (Theer are many İstiklal street and taksim square ).Can trust them its their job and they will give right amount.
Turkish 1 Lira
Turkish coin

Turkis 1 lira most valuable coin and can buy little things with 1 lira.

When you look at Turkish banknotes under lights will see Atatürk images on bankonote number its mean that banknote is real not fake ...

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