When Turkish fighter strike down Russian warplanes nations break relations, economical and social relations finished. Especially Russian tourists visit Turkey every year and Russia buy vegetables. There are many contractor in Russia and when relations break Russia do not want turkish people in Russia and they do not want to give visa.

Turkey and Russia support different sides on Syria, Putin support Esad but Erdogan support Turkish militia and another dissidents but America support PDY terrorist organization but Turkey enemy that PDY  because its similiar as like PKK terrorsits organization so Turkey is really in complex situation in Syria and about 3 milllion refugees live in Turkey.

Turkey allied with USA but their benefits different and these days Turkish people query that alliance because while military coup USA did not description and condemnation and Turkish people think that USA is support that military coup and they dont want to give that leader of FETO terrorist organization.Despite that Russia support democracy and Putin is to condemn that coup and support legal goverment and Erdogan.

Europian Union, NATO and USA disconcerting with that situation because they dont want that strong Russia and Turkey because when they act together they look more strong but smoothie Europian media do not see real things and accept FETO terrorist so why Erdogan do not inosculate powers with Russia because we know that Europian Union never accept Turkey......

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Hi Dear Visitors.I'm Recep admin of this blog.Actually I'm Mechanical engineer but started to write that blog in 2015 for help foreigns,improve my English and try to show How Turkey is a wonderfull country with places,cities,culture,tradition,meals,life and people.Thanks for to read it and do not forget to drop comments.

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