Festival of Sacrifices


Festival of Sacrifices 

Many religion have that ritual because its way to show thanksgiving so people give something for Gods. In Islam, muslims can sacrifice some animals, for example it can be goats, sheep, cows, heifers, bulls, camels but that animals have to be healty and do not be much young so that animals must have some attribute. 

 History of Festival of Sacrifies

Prophet Ibrahim can not have any child.One day he promised that when I have a son I will sacrifices him for God .Than Ibrahim had a son and his name is Ismail ( he is prophet too ).
Ibrahim started to dreams and it's dream remind his promise.Than he decided to do his promise.While he was going to sacrifices his son, devil was trying to deceive Ibrahim but he was stable.When he tried to cut his son,, knife did not cut his son when he hitted to rock knife divided rock.Than angel gave an sheep for sacrifice.Than muslims started to sacrifece for God

What's mean Sacrifice for Muslims

Muslims sacrifice for God but God saying that your sacrifice'S blood and meat not important for me ,, your intents important for me so festival of sacrifice is not only festival eat meat.Because when muslims sacrifice animals they must share it's meats.It situation have some rules some part of meat for home ,, some part of meat for poor people and some part of meats for relatives.

while sacrifice animals, muslims must be carefull and do not torture animals and children must not see while cutting animals so we have atention about that  ritual.It festival important for share somethings and social peace.All people do not have to sacrifice animal because God say that only rich muslims must do that ritual for to share poor people.

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