Turkish Historical Grand Bazaar


Grand Bazaar

When visitors come to İstanbul many person do not come back whitout visit Grand Bazaar.It is one of the oldest shopping center in the world so I will try to give some information about Grand Bazaar today.

First time ,Grand Bazaar's some part were built by Sultan Mehmet for to earn money The Hagia Sophia Mosque's needs.Another big parts were built by Magnificent Suleiman.Grand Bazaar was center on Ottoman Empire economy.Grand Bazaar between Beyazıt and Nuruosmaniye mosques.

  • There are 64 streets, 2 covered bazaars,16 inns, 22 doors, about 4400 shops,45000 squaremeters closed area, about 20000 workers, and 300-500 thousends visitors daily in bazaar
  • There are 5 mosques, a school,7 fountains, 10 draw wells, a hamam

Previously , at the Grand Bazaar shops were  categorized about theirs products.For example slippers shops were at same street, jewelers were at same street so street names called Slipper street, Fabrics street. Currently, we use same street name and visitors can find product easily.

What Can Buy At The Grand Bazaar

 Grand Bazaar really fantastic place and when come inside , can feel that in a tale .They are really professional dealers because many dealer grown up at that shops, they are starting to apprenticeship.Many family working that shops 3- 4 centuries, sons continue to father's jobs.

At he Grand Bazaar can find everything there are very good quality fabrics, carpets,rugs, traditional clothes, uniforms, porcelains antiques and valuables, glasswares,towels,
cheesecloth, restaurants, traditional meals. so can say that find everthing in there.

How Can Visit Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar very famous in Fatih İstanbul. Grand Bazaar have many doors so there are some different way go to Grand Bazaar but many tourist firstly visit Sultan Ahmet Square so it is easy to go from there.Grand Bazaar is not much far away from Blue Mosque so can walk to Grand Bazaar and  walking at the same street to Nurusmaniye Mosque about 15 minutes.Don't forget sunday Grand Bazaar closed and another days working 9 am-7 pm.

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On my next travel to Turkey, I will really set aside more time to shop at the Grand Bazaar for souvenirs to friends and add to my collections from each country I visit. Will also buy spices, Turkish coffee and tea.

I appreciate your efforts in writing about your beautiful country. Cheers!