Why I want to Visit Turkey


              Hi friends.merhaba.I'm Katherina but friends call Katia so you can say Katia too,I m 24 years old and I m Russian girl and I hope this summer, will gradute my school and will be nurse after my graduation I m planing to visit Turkey  and trying to learn turkish a little. I know a lot of Russian visit Turkey every year and they say many good things about Turkey and I hear many good things from my turkish friends they are really good person we meet them livemocha a few years ago.

          After meet my polite turkish people start to learn new things about turkey and curious to see istanbul and antalya and some russian friend advice me alanya.. especially wanna see Saint Sophia and Blue Mosque.Want to taste kebab and baklava

         Many people asking why do you learn turkish anyway  trying and think that your language is hard for me especially to write turkish alphabet hope can improve

          Hope that many people can see and visit that amazing place and thanks for write tihs blog  will follow your articles and try to another people see this country.If you want we can bet that  people will read my article more than yours...:)
                       Thanks for read , teşekürler,, спасибо

A lot of person asking my skype and ı get tired to hear that subject, will give it but just will chat polite person, katia.katherina is my skype, thanks for understanding...



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Hi Dear Visitors.I'm Recep admin of this blog.Actually I'm Mechanical engineer but started to write that blog in 2015 for help foreigns,improve my English and try to show How Turkey is a wonderfull country with places,cities,culture,tradition,meals,life and people.Thanks for to read it and do not forget to drop comments.

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hello )
it is really good idea to visit turkey , i am sure that you will really like here , the culture is different than your country )
here also a lot of historical and turistic please, if you like to swim you must come after june =))
turkish people loves to foreign people , but you must be carefull )))
about langaıge it is hard one , but you are smart to learn it and i will be glad to help you =)